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Hey I Thought up some things that i think could really change the way the game works!




3.Floors should have to be attached to a pillar not floating diagonally of one.


1.Bow and arrows

2.Fishing net

3.Scuba gear (Different parts of gear found in ocean?


1.Add cloth that needs to be dried?



Weather that makes you go indoors for safty

Now i know this would be alot of coding but you could nurse a bird or something so it would help you gather?

Local multiplayer

I have repeated some of my previous ideas but I did it because i think they could be real cool aspects for the game and i know its hard making a game as cool as this but From what i have seen you work real fast. I thought it would take alot longer for you to make the chest but you made it alot quicker than expected! You seem really good at what you do and whatever your working on I am sure your doing a good job at it so by all means just tell me to stop because i have wrote alot and i don't care if you ignore me so yeah!