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As the credits rolled for 'To Libertad', I got this immense sense of satisfaction that I usually feel after finishing an amazing book, or film. Sure it's got some rough edges; panels dragging on for too long or music not looping properly, but the pacing was sharp and I honestly really liked the characters. Perhaps more than I expected to. Perhaps more than I should...

...Also, you did not make this in four weeks. Original music, writing and artwork this polished? I call shenanigans. And if not, what the heck am I doing here? I need to get out there, see the world, make things! But in the mean time, the best of luck to your future work.


I believe the art was done in 4 weeks, though some may have been polished or added post-release (since it's up to version 1.11).

The writing was more like 1 week, IIRC. Not sure how long the translation took.

Music was creative commons (at least originally, might have been replaced), so who knows when that was done or how long it took.

So yeah, mostly done within 4 weeks. Sendo worked tirelessly on this one, and I think it really shows.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it and I'm definitely taking notes on everyone's feedback, so thanks for those :)

As Zetsubou said, the music used were Creative Commons so I simply picked out songs that matched the scenes.

I added some illustrations I did outside the jam in the Extras section, specifically in the MISC gallery. But aside from those, everything in the actual story (art, writing, programming) were done during the jam. I do have experience making games and participating in game jams so that really helped me manage everything. And well, Zetsubou blasted through the script so I had to up my game as well.

But really, I was pretty much just working on it day and night. It was a fulfilling experience and I wouldn't have it any other way!