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I love the direction y'all are going in, the only things I'd complain about is, 1) there doesn't seem to be a place to train up your skills, like a training hall, i understand you may do something about this in the future, but you should have a placeholder in place so you can train, for me I couldn't find any way to increase my strength, which means I was lacking in certain situations. Then my only other complaint would be how fast the days decrease, at times a single option took away three days there was another time where I swear it took four days away, I would really like this to be more consistent, just me though. Otherwise, its an amazing game, I'm excited to see where you take it, and thanks for making the game for us.


Thanks for the feedback! I've tweaked the days progression for the next version, which I think you'll like. If you want to boost stats fast, the best option is to get your kobolds to build you something appropriate! More options will be added as the game progresses, but I want to avoid anything too grindy