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Dude, Mix up gamers played through the game in his streams. Of course it contains spoilers. Stop complaining about spoilers in gameplay videos or streams. And we have a spoiler channel on the Discord server. So if you don’t click on that, you won’t be spoiled. And what do you mean with „about as dangerous as Undertale“?

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(how is it now)

(it's literally just something quick i wanted to say under my breath)

I'm not complaining but thanks for the feedback. Please delete your comment now because I'm gonna try to fix it and I don't want this to be awkward forever.


1: I'm not complaining

2: AB is enough already

3: they're literally everywhere

How exactly is Antibreather only a spoiler? That’s a character. As long as you don’t say where it is, how you can find it and what else you can find in its place, it’s not a spoiler. A spoiler is if you spoil an ending or situation that happens. But saying the name or showing a picture of a character is not a spoiler.

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I suppose because if people know about his existence and can't find him, they'll know something's up and start looking for secrets. They're supposed to come about it naturally. Like, the secrets are really well-hidden if the community isn't spoiling it for everyone and I'm pretty sure they're more rewarding if they don't just go on giving out hints upon request.

In fact, now that I think about it, these comments are spoilers sooooooooo

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