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finished the nil ending and now i dont wanna get any other ending since itd be like betraying nil.


almost a full day of thinking and i started praying for there to be a ending where both nil and space are happy because if there wasnt then i would truly be betraying nil.

there is such an ending, i am fulfilled, all of the cute girls are happy, i have reached enlightenment.

There is, I'm not sure if there's another way to do this, but if you, AFTER getting the nil ending, go to "Memories" and go to the last page. Once you do this, select "Partially erase memories". This unlocks new dialogue. Pick all the bottom options until you're at scenes you haven't seen any version of, like Time and Space staring at each other lovingly, with Space's hands on Time's shoulders. At this point, just do what you want, leaning toward a good ending of course. I might be missing some things or mixing up some things so go ahead and experiment with details I haven't covered.