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hi! im ace. i was in the first my first game jam but i couldn't complete my game due to lack of motivation and resources, but i have many more resources and a lot more time on my hands so i definitely plan to do better this year!

my favourite game of 2016 was definitely stardew valley. an incredibly inspiring and fun game. i'm usually more into indie games because they aren't afraid of trying something new and they have a lot of heart. i'm interested in telling stories and i'm hoping making games will be one way i can do so. i did a few classes at university about game development but they were very basic and i've forgotten most of it, so i'm pm starting fresh.

i'm passionate about diverse characters and being nice, and i hope my future projects reflect that. as someone who has participated before but didn't really "participate", i'd suggest at least checking the forums quite frequently, but also participating in the forums/discord chat if you can. it helps to motivate and reading about everyone else's projects really inspires me.