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Hi! Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it! I find the short pause not needed, because every time you get hit, the ship starts blinking and during that time, you can't be hit. What I could do on the other hand is increase the duration time. I suggest to destroy the lines closer to you first. If the phase you are in, has enemies that move on the Y-Axis, destroy them first, unless they don't touch enemies that shoot, in that case it's easier to destroy them.

Here's a list of the enemies:

1 - The Pawn -> 1 hp, shoots 2 bullets type 0;

2 - The Guard - 2 hp, shoots 2 bullets type 1;

3 - The Patrol - Moves on X-Axis, 2 hp, shoots 2 bullets type 1;

4 - The Kamikaze - Moves on Y-Axis, 3 hp, every time it resets its position speeds up, doesn't shoot;

5 - The SparX's Son - 3 hp, shoots 2 bullets type 3.

6 - SparX is the Boss. After you defeat this guy, you win the game!

Notes; They are listed by order of appearance.

Here's a list of the bullets:

Type 0 - Normal speed;

Type 1 - 1.07% fasters than type 0;

Type 3 - 1.36% faster than type 0 and 1.27% faster than type 1.