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Hi, Asin. After a bit of research, unfortunately I don't want to claim support for Windows Vista as the last .NET version on Vista was 4.6. One of the libraries I use, SadConsole, requires 4.6.1! Here's the official MS .NET requirements matrix:

Having said that, .NET 4.7.1 (the version the game currently targets) may work on Vista anyway. I don't have anyway of confirming this, though.

As for 32 vs 64 bit, the game should run on either. Sorry for the bad news, but thank you for checking out the game anyway!

Thank you for your response. I may not be able to play, but I hope others enjoy it. Is there a place where information is collected about the game, such as a wiki, yet? Perhaps if such a place exists, I will get my Tenebrae et Mors fix from gaining knowledge about the monsters and weaponry and the like.

There is a page on RogueBasin: though I have not added too much info to it. I have considered turning this comment section into an "forum", but I believe that hides all the posted comments.