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So regarding the plans:

1) didn't change it.. for now it will stay this way, maybe later (if I get a better Idea than just to copy the heal animation)

2) it's in - it's the same way shots work, so if you can shoot it, it can see you

3) I am leaving this out.. if you can see it (including scrolling) you can try to shoot it - I don't think I can manage a good range indicator and stuff like this until the deadline.

4) I made 6 unique weapon upgrades, for now they all increase damage by one, that might change later

Here they are in a very short video:

5) haven't balanced aliens yet to match player power (with all the available upgrades)

Unplanned progress: Andreas reworked the background music, it's now even cooler than before.

Today (and last night) I had problems with the tilemap.

I hope they are now resolved. - One of the issue was, that all tiles where of by 2px due to fiddeling around with the packer options and not adjusting the tiled ".tmx" file.

This wasn't visible immediately because I had bleed enabled, so those 2 pixel had the correct colors - but when changing the resolution sometimes there were weird tilemap artifacts. Now the tmx file and the texture packer settings should be matching.

Tip: If you package your tileset with texture packer (you should!) always set "grid" to true - this way if you add new tiles (number them with leading zeros) new tiles always go to the end of the list. Why is this important? So you don't have to redo your tiled tmx map everytime! (If you don't use grid mode every new tile will mix the indices of the old ones.)

Tip2 (I noticed I still had rendering problems):

Settings for texture packer:

paddingX: 4,
paddingY: 4,
bleed: true,
edgePadding: true,
duplicatePadding: true,

Settings for the tile set in tiled:

spacing="4" margin="2"

My problem was, I had margin in tiled set to 4.

Since all the the tiles are padded you don't really notice that all centers are off by 2 pixel (at least with my 64x64 tiles). It only led to rendering errors when zooming out. I hope that's gone now.