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I just wanna say that I love this game and how it's available for browser play too. I was wondering if it's possible to share the source code sometime in the future. I've been tinkering with VR game creation on Unity and maybe it's possible to bring this game to the Oculus Quest. Reason why I bring the Quest up is hat there isn't really a FNAF game for it yet, and this could be a cool opportunity to port it to VR. 

Message back if you're interested with that idea as much as I am.

Thanks WoodEMeister!

Unfortunately it is not possible to release the source code. Because the game is a fan game, and has copyrighted characters, open sourcing the game could open myself up to a bunch of legal problems I'd rather avoid.

While I have created all of the assets for FNAF:Final Purgatory myself or used assets freely available, the copyright over the intellectual property of the FNAF characters still remains and makes it a very legally grey area. Technically fan games are already in a legally grey area due to using someone else's intellectual property.

(Granted, one could argue that fan games fall under fair use, however this does not always hold up in legal cases.)

Because of this, I do not feel confident in releasing the source code.

As far as VR goes, the game isn't really setup to work with VR. It would probably be easier to rewrite the game from scratch for VR, maybe using some of the old code as reference, than try to port the existing game to VR. The game uses a lot of little techniques and tricks that would not work in VR.

For example, many of the rooms in the game have no walls behind what the player sees, including the security room. This would require all of the rooms to be redone, at least. The 3D models would also need modifying so they are consistently sized, VR controller input would need to be added, the UI would need to be made VR accessible, and a lot more.

It would just be a lot of work, and honestly you'd probably be better of making an entirely new game at that point.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I appreciate it! 🙂