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Haha, nice! Gives me a super 90s Doom feel. The controls are a little frustrating at times, but suppose that definitely gives it the feel of maneuvering an island around.

Despite that, I played this for a long time! It was pretty satisfying to build up your island. Generally, I was always way smaller than the enemies, but that made wrecking them even more fun.

Great work!

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Thanks for the review! Out of curiosity, how would you prefer the control scheme?

Hmm, I gave it another play. It's probably intentional, but the turning and maneuvering is very slow and floaty.

Thing is, while it can be frustrating, it also adds challenge and makes it seem like you really are piloting a floating island. So I'm not sure changing it really is the right answer.


It was intentional - my thinking being it should be a little slower paced and you pick your engagements carefully. In retrospect though, I think the basic movement should just be fun. No point having the thing you do most be super frustrating. Thanks for the feedback!!