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Currently, I've spent about 3 or 4 hours on this game. I've found out that having a day/night cycle would be amazing. When/If the day/night cycle is implemented, torches would be a given. We'll need oil found beneath the waves of the ocean to craft the torches. Along with cloth made from either, Thatch or a type of hide found on an island or in the barrels. Up-gradable hammer and axe to make better floors walls and traps to set to kill the shark. More resources, like iron, steel, pearl, rock, coral. Found under the ocean as well. Glass for a scuba mask can be caught with a fishing rod or a scoop you create the same as the hook.


Of what i gather is that your supposed to live on the raft and not go "swimming". So i think the day and night cycle is a great idea but oil could be harvested from coconuts instead of finding it.