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I am happy that more studios are using impossible spaces with lifts/elevators. And it's not a copy, hey :)

First public vidoes of Tea For God were available by the end of 2018 (although you could play it at PGA as early as 2017). Tracey Laser's videos are from earlier. And what's important. There was Unseen Diplomacy, Eye of the Temple (check it out, it was the first game (well, the game jam concept it is based on came first) that was using moving platforms).

The more games that use this technology, the better I say.

Before Tea For God, I wanted to use this technology for Subspace Scavengers. And I still might doing so. In that game you have a sub space ship in which you travel between different places. Would that be copying Tracey Laser? :)

Tracey Laser also looks better but that comes at a price of fixed play area. I couldn't find any info if it is procedurally generated or not. I guess it's not. 

I wouldn't be surprised if more games that use impossible spaces would appear. And they don't have to be copies. Many people may come with a very similar idea independently.

Alright cool that you're cool with it. Non-euclidean spaces is a true inovative game design for VR that can change the future imo.