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Shit's not fair bro haha. Atmosphere is very nice!!

Alright cool that you're cool with it. Non-euclidean spaces is a true inovative game design for VR that can change the future imo.

What do you think about the game: "Tracey Laser" announced at gamescom? It looks like a bland copy of your game to be honest. :(

I see what you mean with challenge mode yeah. I was showing the game to a friend and he played experience on bigger mode and 2 times he had the situation where the rotation was 9+ (we use the rotation counter on the wrist). Nonetheless it's not that bad to just turn around in place to unwind the cable but it does make you a bit dizzy.

I have been thinking about suggesting this for a while now. Could you please implement that the game tracks the rotation count during room generation with a sumcount (+1 to the right -1 to the left) so that the game tries to keep the amount of turns on 1 side in balance?

Idk how to explain this better or if it's possible at all but I feel like it would heavily improve the gameplay for wired users.


Yes the newer version fixed everything!

Hey buddy just a heads up the last version has some bugs in it. 
1) I can't change anything in settings - the game locks up and I need to restart.

2) The game crashes when I try to play 2 (one level, bigger game) on challenge mode after each other. 

Using rift S btw.

Also: are the big turrets supposed to be invulnerable and do you just dodge their bullets?

I have the rift S and it works fine for me. Just a heads up.

This is how I would detect jumps: I am NOT a vr dev but it's clear that the controllers and headset have motion sensors in them so.... let people jump and when they land you check if the motion sensor captured free fall movement before that. If it did, you register this as a legit jump and they crossed the gap. If they didn't they actually walked over lava/acid and need to take damage or whatever. I know this brings in a delay that ruins immersion a bit when you don't jump but the player that actually jumps will just cross the gap. Idk this just crossed my mind and I thought i'd share it. Cool stuff!

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I don't think a lot of people realise what a bitch it must be to code a game like this. Carying the audio through from behind "portals" that connect the non-euclidean spaces is one thing I can't get my head around. The way you generate the mazes in challenge mode is awesome too. I'm also really impressed by the fact that you can keep the player safe all the time. I really trust the game by now and I haven't bumped into walls yet. You are awesome ~

Edit: some people asked me what the recommended play space for the game is but I can't seem to find the answer. Could you tell me please?

How the hell did you generate those plateaus?