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I did see that one, and you guys have been supporting the game enough that I have been wondering if/how I could add interactions like that...

Edit: Ok, yes, I've been in Go land too long, and literally just got the Quest a week and a half ago. Now that I've had time to play some games, I am addicted to interacting with the world like this, let me see what I can do. Picking up items with your hands and opening doors.

This is awesome, thank you! I can finally sell my PSVR (my wife has been reluctant for us to do that cause she wants to play Resident Evil or similar games on it so I was really happy when I saw your game)! :D

Wait a second, no, my game is not a replacement for Resident Evil on the PSVR, please do not sell that! RE7 on PSVR can't be beat and I could not live with being part of the reason you sell it away.

Hahaha,  my PSVR has no other use at the moment :P. It's just for the scares and all!

This game did scratch that RE7 itch I had on my quest. Hope to see more in the future. 

Thank you! Yes, I am working on a sequel, and also thinking about how I can further update this game (with controls and maybe a randomizer mode)

Nice! Keep us updated :D.

that is an Honest and Heartfelt reply. RE7 is Amazing. This Looks Great too though for an Oculus Quest Game.