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As you mentioned in the discord, a lot of effort went into the atmosphere and it shows. 
I understand that school & work got in the way which prevented a full concept from being completed so I will only comment on what is there.

I believe the game would have a stronger impact if the info slide were hidden by default. The main menu is gorgeous with it's angled text, chromatic effects, and overall its well designed. Show me that first, and if I want more info, I will click the info button. Maybe this was a bug, but definitely be conscious of the first thing the player sees.

What I was really hoping for was that beautiful sword trail like I saw in the gif on the discord page. I did read that the sword becomes more powerful, but I was never able to get that powerful... Will come back later and try.

I must admit here too that the story and the lore here is actually really friggin cool. A demon sword!? Count me in. The sword evolves with the game... Awesome! 

Also I am not sure what I did but I was able to generate a crash midgame. The game also does seem to crash randomly while in the menu for me as well. The logs seem to show a lot of these if that helps 

InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements
  at System.Linq.Enumerable.First[TSource] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] source) [0x00052] in <5f5fe34c9df446e8a7bb8f8802a8902c>:0 
  at Villager.Update () [0x000dd] in <96c5c9e657d24df59899188cc74fb2f3>:0 

Lastly I wanted to say I was really looking forward to this one. If you make updates to this, like adding sfx, fixing crashes, and maybe making it a little more clear how to evolve the sword, and have the sword showing phases of evolution, that would be awesome! But yeah any updates you do, I'm following you. I'd love to play again when there is some more work put into it.