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I like the ambient, like a horror style and even remember me some of the streets of my city, even I was a bit hesitant to walk through some of them (not a fan of walk into a bad illuminate alley) So I reached the church and had to go back for more answers. The music and sound effects mix perfectly with the scenery, it was amazing.

I want to send the form but I'm having troubles saving it, could I send you screenshots of it?

My phrase was "Tragedy begets opportunity" I'm going between a lot of troubles at home and family, and feel awful for all the homicides and other violent stuff going on my country and city, so I'm still thinking about the meaning and I tend to overthink so it will take me a while.

A screenshot of the filled form would do nicely, don't worry. I would also argue it's a good thing to take a while to think things over, as this software was made to be a place and opportunity for introspection. Thank you for playing.