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Hello Ran. S!

I've never been one to comment on games. In fact, it has been a year (or well, two years since three days ago was technically last year!) since I ever did. However I just wanted to thank you for your great game.

I like everything about it, to be well honest. While most people had criticized the MC for being conceited/high self esteem, I have gotten used to many people with such confidence and find it rather funny and comical rather than annoying and off-putting. She's not to the point where I find her absolutely annoying, but rather I enjoy her personality, which is refreshing from the meek, innocent MCs that I find in almost every otome game (rather bland).

I've also gotten fairly attached to most of the characters of this game (or all). I replay these at times I get bored, and I never gotten sick or tired of any of them. This is great, because character development and getting people to be rather affectionate with fictional characters is pretty difficult to do, but you did that quite nicely.

I also like the BGM! I listen it now personally, when I write or like to view life as it was a game or a VN I'm trying to get a "Good End" at or achieve the highest points possible (I'm such a game otaku..).

Overall, nice game, and I recommend it to everyone who comes across it. Hurrah!

Hi there Vanila Choclat! :D (My autocorrect keeps wanting to correct your name to Vanilla Chocolate, oh dear! Hahaha.)

Aww, thank you for the kind words! I'm honored. :)

Haha, I'm glad you liked the MC! I usually do meek and innocent MCs too (hehe) but I think that type of MC wouldn't be a good fit for this story. :) High-five!

Thank you so much! I sometimes feel like my scenes move really slowly (I'm not a fan of whirlwind romances at all so I like taking things slow) but I do hope I got the right balance in this game. :D

And yes, Sinakhai's music is awesome! I also got some from Noveler's Material iirc, where you can download free BGMs. (Haha, and don't worry, it's fun to be a game otaku!)

Hurrah indeed! Thank you so much again for the wonderful feedback!