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Sigh. Well I'm pretty sure Viktor would've caught you by then or at least got stuck at the door if he didn't get stuck on the trash bin just before the classroom you were in while you were at 10/11. One time I saw him get stuck after getting a soda there and decided to try playing a harder level while he tried to escape the path barrier but I didn't really go and do all of it.

You know what actually, I'll go and recreate it just to be sure it isn't anything new.

How would you know? Also there was a magnet. He would have to strike it down first.

Also even if he was stuck, give me a break man. Him getting stuck prolonged me beating brainiac from 1 month to 3! 

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I know, I know. Just saying. I just knew because he was at the trash bin before the door when you completed the notebook, and he would've gone REALLY fast after getting all those problems wrong.

Still though, you could be wrong.


I doubt it, but okay. Oh yeah, and thanks for reminding me to test it to check.


Just keep your mouth shut about it. Lazar did something incredible there. It doesn’t matter if Viktor was stuck or not, Lazar is one of only a few people who actually beat brainiac. He even did it in an older version, where brainiac was even harder. And Lazar didn’t try to get Viktor stuck, which is a thing other people would probably try.


Fine. Okay. Just wanted to say.

Didn't Have To be so fucking rude