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Nice little game =D Managed to score around a thousand I think.
I liked :
- Nice opressing athmosphere
- Very nice houses, and globally nice 3d modeling
- Quite a professional look to the main menu, with the depth, perspective and side blur!
- Did you record the "hurt" sound yourself? x)
If I have to find improvable things, I'd say :
- I had a bit of difficulty to get what I could do. Can I hit the white guys? Can I deflect the enemy's attacks? What is the sword reach? Why is my score going up? Wait, no, why is it going down?
- UI was a bit hard to read, I often found myself searching in the corner and focusing to read the number representing my life. I think life bar would have been better.
- The sword curse often came in moments that really got me in troubles. Could have I done something to alter this?
- The gameplay really called me to kill everything, jump everywhere and make cool fight moves. Yet it always felt more calm than expected. Maybe add more game juice? (and gravity... are we playing on the moon? =D)