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You can transform (change sprite sheet) very easily but the other stuff is harder.  Its not meant for making a game like Zelda. But there are plenty of fun games you can make. 

The script that displays before I play, does this show the full game? It seems much different than what I expected. I could prolly find a work around to have my character fight, but I can’t figure out the source to do so? 

Also, does the game allow you to walk through bushes sorta like Pokemon does? Like... it hides your character and tumbles the bushes around a little.

Hey Peter, I saw your pixelart on Twitter and love it!

We're a group of developers for ChronoCraft(TimeTravel MMO-RPG) soon to release for alpha. Here's some of our work:

We're looking for an artist to make skins and textures. I want your talent at ChronoCraft.

This would be a for-profit project. I would love to speak with you