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Such a good game! It's like Edith Finch meets horror and it is so well done! That ending tho..amazing! 


I had a few issues. One was lag at times was kinda bad. Two it was a bit vague sometimes where exactly certain things were at, such as the cellar which I would normally expect to be close to the house was way off in the darkness. Three, I ran into a situation where my sketchbook wouldn't update, specifically with the radio puzzle and I was unable to proceed without restarting the entire game. Maybe implement a save system of some sort. Other than that I absolutely loved this game, the music was fantastic the voice acting was spot on, the atmosphere had me literally jumping at shadows at times lol..two thumbs up Vikid Games! Well done! 

Thank you so much for playing and for all your feedback!

 The bug with the sketchbook is something we were aware about during the development of the game, however it was something that we fixed before releasing it... or at least that's what we thought. 

We're really sorry that you had to restart the game, some kind of save system is definitely something we've discussed since the launch of the game. 

Thank you again for playing, we're happy that you could enjoy it either way!


It is so good! Despite the issues this is easily one of the best indie horror games I have played in a long time!