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Whenever I am in the Home screen I am a lot shorter than when in the game. Also when I reach for the floor with my lamp or knife I cannot touch the floor because it's too far down. I think my feet are about 30cm above the floor. Personally my length is 1.72 if that helps.

I would expect floor to be on the same height as the Guardian. So length of person should be same in the home screen as in the game.

Found anything?

Hiya, ok I think I understand. Well yes, in the game I think you play as someone about 2m tall, so yes you would be taller than the real you. I think that's kind of just a limitation of how the game was built.

Ah too bad. Would be nice to have a setting somewhere i could set to 1.72.

Alright let me think about it then.

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also knife isnt working. It doesn't do damage.

I'm aware of the bug where it doesn't in multiplayer, it should in single player though. And yes I do plan to get to these in time. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately, but will get back to this.

No problem :) I am not trying to pressure you. Just wanted to report some bugs!

Well actually I just updated the game yesterday, the knife should work in multiplayer now. And a few other things.