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Thanks for the reply! I almost had it! I drank speed up potion with Shift and also tried other +SPD stuff, but not the good one :/

I should maybe ask you one day for the rare Nes cartridge, I only found 4 of them (out of 8 I guess...). BTW, it was a long time I couldnt find any walkthrough for a game on internet, I thought it was cool at first, but once you are really stuck, it really sucks :)

For sure the fact that it turn around Boxxy is maybe a bit outdated. It would propably have more success with a generic hero, but for me it was nice! Maybe you just need to find one good streamer on youtube or twitch to give the game more visibility

I hope you will doing some other games one day, I will check after them ;)

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Maybe I'll try writing a guide at some point. In the meantime, here's where to find the Rare NES Games. (There's actually only six of them).