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so im kinda stuck, im using GM4mac and i just realised you cant export games with it (ughhhhhhhhhh) and i cant get any other game maker version because im on a mac. so i was wondering, should i use stencyl?? i have very little experience with coding so im thinking this is the way to go but idk, im just kinda bummed out rn ://

EDIT: ive used stencyl on my old pc so i know how to use it but im just asking if theres a better alternative

ohhhh heck really ): i should probably remove the mac gm download link because that's a huge restriction i wasn't aware of.

stencyl is the only 2D mac program on my radar but i don't own a mac so i'm not really familiar with other stuff. i think it's a pretty solid alternative but i'll let someone else have a more final word on this.

im pretty sure you can export games in gm4mac if you buy it, but id rather buy something better p: SO STENCYL IT IS (sigh)

OHHH YIKES yeah that's understandable. sorry to hear that ): !!!