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Thank you very much for playing it, and I'm glad that you had fun--and that it did run so well on your computer! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough! :D

I think that you're thus far the most enthusiastic to pick up the hitch-hiker that I've seen! XD

I think that you're also the first person to pick up on the battle re-enactment at the end. ^_^

Sorry about the problem of the mouse-pointer going off-screen--it looks like I forgot to constrain the mouse! ^^;

As to the deeper meaning... I suppose that what I was trying to go for with the ending was something along the lines of this:

"One's path through life takes one through many encounters and to many sights. It may be a difficult road sometimes, or a scary one, but it may also--even from the scary bits--give one treasured memories."

... But mainly the game comes down to "here's some stuff to spook you!". :D