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I loved The Rose of Segunda! One of my favourite things about it was that the main character is an actual character (player-determined) and not an empty shell. (Thank you so much for the role-playing options! ♥) Other characters were lovely and likable, too. Especially Leopold :) TROS had only one drawback: it was too short! So I'm very happy there'll be more.

I wish you inspiration and good luck and I'm looking forward to TTOW. (And I hope it'll be eventually available on Steam because I have the first game there).

Fun fact:  i didn't realise that the MC's official name is Iolanthe and named her Rosalind :)

Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed TROS  and are looking forward to the sequel. 

Ah, yes, Leo seems to be a firm favourite - possibly only Frederique gets more love (on itch, at least. ) And I think Rosalind is more than in keeping with the setting - it's always interesting for me to hear what people decided to call their MCs.  

Many thanks for your support