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Comment some feeback so i know what i can do better :) 

I'm stuck atm, trying to figure out what I should do after activating the Control Panel :) 

then u have completed the game :) 
there is not more atm.. working on it :) 
but u can try to see if u can find all the hidden treasures!! :D

Oh okay, would be great if something would say that, since I walked around for a very long time afterwards. Something like "Thanks for playing the demo".  So you know when the game is 'finished' :) 

thats a really good idea! xD
and ty for playing my game and wrote some feedback!
hope you liked the game :) 

Thank you for sharing it :).

It had some potential, I'm editing a video for it that'll be out most likely later today where you can see my experience with the game :) 

i would love to see it! :D
can u post it here when its done? :) 

Of course :) 

i just updated the game so the end screen is now in the game so ty so much! :) 

That's awesome :D