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My pleasure :) 

Really enjoyed this game, amazing work buddies. Nice and important story to it, made a video for it :). 5/5. 

That's awesome :D 

Glad I could help you a bit :). 

When i edit videos I only pick up highlights of the game that I've play which means I don't always show and/or explain everything. Just the style of my videos :) 

Was a nice game with some clear potential, loved the graphics of it! 

Here's a video from my experience with the game :) 

Of course :) 

Thank you for sharing it :).

It had some potential, I'm editing a video for it that'll be out most likely later today where you can see my experience with the game :) 

Oh okay, would be great if something would say that, since I walked around for a very long time afterwards. Something like "Thanks for playing the demo".  So you know when the game is 'finished' :) 

I'm stuck atm, trying to figure out what I should do after activating the Control Panel :) 

I'm glad my thoughts could help you out a bit buddy :). Also wanna thank you a ton for sharing this game, it might have a few things that could improve but which game doesn't! It's like my own videos, got tons of areas to improve on, we can only learn and be better each and everyday! 

Gotta say that I had really fun with your game and I can see that you got loads of potential to create awesome games, I'll keep my eye on you :) 

Stay awesome! 

Was a funny game to play, started of with a few nice jumpscares, enjoyed it! Well done buddy :) 

Really loved this short game, got lots of potential

! Noticed a bug where i trapped the killer in one room because he stopped hunting me. But Loved the game buddy, Hope you develop it even further :)

I really had fun with this game, awesome job buddy! I added some horror tune in the background to make it a bit scarier, can't wait for the full game :) 

Man this game was really trippy! Interesting concept tbh, I'd love to see how it all turns out... and who/what was that at the end!? 

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This game got loads of potential, nice scary atmosphere, was only disappointing that there no real scares in it, but since it's a demo I'll remain very hopeful since the game was really enjoyable to play. Will await the full game :) 

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This game was really awesome, loved the short story and the twist towards the end, the rhyme and dialogue was brilliant, thank you for making this :D 

I really liked this game, it was short yet really well made. Would be interesting to have a bigger game with this theme. Well done! 

I could get up the ladder and into the first door. But the next room (with 3 doors). 2 is locked and the last is blocked with shorter wall/fences.

Couldn't get past the doors at the top level, is it buged or did I just miss something?

Can't get past that wall either....

This game was really good, such twisted and yet adorable looking game, well done! 

I understand. If you ever decide to continue with it, I'm for sure interested 😀

Really liked this game man, I hope you decide to continue with it, got some potential, got hyped with the goat! Made a video of it :) 

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It was an interesting game, would like some more directions in it but had  a bit of fun with it :). Also made a video of it anybody wanna see what it's about before you try it:

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This was a nice Alpha. Quiet enjoyed the game tbh :), well done friend!