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Random LastStand

A member registered Jun 01, 2019

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Cool little game :) 

So I previously put out a highlight version of this game, here's the full version of it. Really good and high quality for a Indie game, enjoyed it a lot :)

Really cool game tbh, I decided to do a short highlight to showcase your game, cheers for the invitation :)

Well third is the charm with Hogan?  :P 

Pretty neat game, felt a bit like playing like rambo lol. anyhow, thanks again for the invite, much appreciated! Made a video and made some notes a long the way :) 

It was all my pleasure :). Much appreciated and welcome to the channel! 

This game was actually very enjoyable, short and sweet so to speak :). Got an idea if you guys decide to do something similar in the future, left it in the video. 

An alright game, made a vid :) 

Pretty cool little game, had a nice atmosphere to it and I like the notes that could the story along the way. Also great since it was your first game so well done :). 

I would wan't to see some more scares or pump up the atmospheric horror a bit, but I did enjoy it :) 

Is there any sound to the game? 

All my pleasure :) 

Really cool game, felt some Five nights at Freddys vibes in it :)  

I tried the game for a few minutes, looks like it got some good potential, but atm it's just way to dark, really hard to navigate.

This game lived to the name of the title 

:P. Made a short video of it. 

This game was one of those that I'd call short & sweet, amazing work! :D 

Is the room with the table and 4 chairs in the middle the end? 

Again, really cool game I've made some comments a long the way :) 

Second this. Good game, loads of potential, the Zombies are a big glitchy/buggy. I'll upload a video for it tomorrow :)

Well this was a weird one haha :) 

This was really some random nightmares, would love to see the full release and levels connect later down the road :) 

This was really cool, as many mentioned, cool plot-twist! 

All my pleasure, was a neat game :) 

Really cool little neat game tbh, hope you got on A on your project :) 

Good to know, will check it out :) 

Was an interesting game for sure, would love to a more clear ending but I was impressed by the game, great graphics and a cool mystery to it :) 

Really cool game, reminded me of Spooky house of jumpscares :) 

I might be late to the party but here I am! And this game was really good tbh, would love to see more! 

All my pleasure buddy! 

I really liked this game, loads of potential! The biggest glitch I found was the doors haha, but great game :) 

Yeah I was totally blind haha, figured it out, thanks bud :) 

This game was really good story-telling tbh, i really did enjoy this one... though it was a bit tough/disturbing to get through, in a good way. So great job, gave you a 5 star rating :) 

Yeah, I seem to be blind, but I'll look into it a bit more then as long as there isn't a dead end :)