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Fun and short game, add some sound to it and it can be great :) 

Well this was both a weird and a fun game to play, thank you for sharing :) 

Had the same problem

All my pleasure buddy :)

It was a fun experience, was impressed by the graphics and the ongoing creepy atmosphere, the ending was a bit anti-climatic but it was good game all in all :) 

All my pleasure buddy! Good to hear, looking forward for further developments :) 

This one was a bit short but cool, can see it has some potential, would love further development :) 

Thanks for the response buddy, it was all my pleasure playing the game :). Awesome, looking forward to Chapter 3 for sure :) 

I loved Chapter 1 (Didn't play the updated but will try it later) and I loved Chapter 2, can clearly see the potential and here you added puzzles together with great atmosphere and a few jumpscares which is very great. Just one thing, loot management can be a bit better :). Anyhow great game, can't wait for more! (I wanna get into the church now lol) 

It's cool that's the game is under only 50mb, not much of action but was a nice stroll :) 

This is one those games that is really short & sweet, really enjoyed it! Would love a huge maze with random traps if you decide to expand the game more. Anyhow here's my impression :) 

Interesting game, a bit short but funny to play and it gave me a scare :) 

This game was interesting, really nice graphics with potential if you decide to continue with it, thanks for sharing your game :) 

Well I might be late to the party but hey this game rocks! 

Interesting game, I was really amazed by the graphics of the game, looks really good! Would love to see a continuation of this, it got potential :) 

Interesting game, reminded me a lot of the forest tbh. Did a bit of a first impression of it, might give it another go but all in all it was entertaining

, well done :) 

I had some fun playing this game, was an enjoyable experience for sure! 

Awesome, told a few people about your game :) Merry Christmas buddy! 

Thank you :) 

I was actually surprised how good this game were! One of the best free game I've played tbh, so really well done!

Thank you for sharing this game with us! 

One question: When will this be available on steam? :) 

Interesting game, it was short but intense. The scratchy graphics adds to game experience imo... also, HAIL THE BODYBAG! 

I loved that you had Hogan in the game... I knew that you couldn't trust that dog haha! Anyhow, here's my video for it :) 

Well this game was unexpected to say the last haha. I had really fun playing, could use some work (For example the controls), but all in all it was a fun game, thanks so much for sharing buddy! 

All my pleasure buddy!

Thanks for the info, I might check it out :D! 

Oh boy did I have fun with this haha! 

I'm glad for your success, it's well deserved ! :) 

Hope I could bring a few eyes to it at least ! 

That would be awesome, would love to play a future game from you if it's this kind of quality! :D 

It was all my pleasure! Thank yo for sharing your game ! :D 

This game was short but I enjoyed it more then I though I would, so well done man! Made a little video of it :) 

Finished the game and finally defeated the last boss, did not see that brain coming! 

It was my pleasure buddy :) 

I really liked this game, had a lot of puzzles, good spooks, weird random horror thingies, awesome sound and graphics... I can't wait to see the full game if you decide to complete it!

Thanks for the invitation buddy :) 

Here's the last part before the ending boss, I'm so glad I found a gun haha! 

I bought the full game so here's a continuation from the Demo :) 

Cool short game you got here buddy, not really scary but it had some freaky moments :D

Didn't realize

it was a Demo before I started haha, oh well. Liked what I saw from the game, the mobility was the only real downside but I might play the full game!

Sweeeeeet! Let me know if you need alpha/beta tester and when the game releases, would love another crack at it! :D 

I really loved the atmosphere of the game, such chill and spooky! Enjoyed the random laughs and spooky sounds once in a while, the piano was a nice touch. I gotta say you got far for a Demo and can't wait for full version! 

Would love some more real scares at the final version and maybe possibilites to die? Just a thought :) 

Keep up the awesome work and thanks for letting me know regarding this game !: D

My pleasure :) 

Really enjoyed this game, amazing work buddies. Nice and important story to it, made a video for it :). 5/5. 

That's awesome :D