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Fantastic so far. Enjoyed playing through once and then decided to speedrun it in 7:42.34

That being said, i did encounter a few bugs:

- glitching into the floor in the forest when falling off a moving platform. It only happened once though and I was able to get out of the floor by mashing buttons

- insane speeds reached with those speed arrows on the final level.  the first time it happened i thought that it was because i had hit the bottom of a platform and then moved out of the way and just figured that the momentum gained from the arrows just added up, causing me to get launched. however, sometimes i'd get launched at ridiculous speeds without bumping into anything.

- got brought down to 0 heath by the brown dinos and didn't die. nothing could attack me when it happened either

- in the middle of the scene caused by seducing a lizard enemy, the lizard attacked me. 

otherwise, fantastic game, and i'm eager to see future developments!

Thanks for playing, and we appreciate the bug reports! We're gonna be releasing a build soon which should fix some of these issues.