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Happy New Year! Thanks for the update.

The assignment I tested (schoolghouls) seemed to work OK, and I have no real desire to test all the rest one at a time.


  • Chapter 4 is always open
  • Nurse still crashes the game (see the bug two comments down)
  • The Chapter 2 end cutscene is bugged; it loops back from "they had detention" to this line over and over (though with different people visible), rather than starting Chapter 3.
  • And skipping it still goes to 'chapter 2: end' followed by the demo end credits, as mentioned in the comment below.
  • On my old Chapter 3 save from just before the Impress, Chapter 3 isn't unlocked, (but Chapter 4 is). Hard to tell if this is just because it's a save file from an old version or if it would still happen if I finished Chapter 2, because I can't get to chapter 3 via chapter 2.
  • Xing Mei's formal clothes + no accessory outfit is a missing sprite.
All of that weirdness is making it hard to know if Chapter 4 is working properly, since the only way I can get into it is by loading a Chapter 3 save and jumping right into the first area. I'll wait a little while to see if you can fix some of it, since I'd like to see it in the right order...
  • Miyuki's Cosplay Guide has no listed price.
  • Cosplay guide:
    • Pirat: "You can pretend to be a thieving little and": missing word after little (rat?)
    • Pirat: "did not in any way coarce:" word is spelled coerce
    • Swimming Dead: "bloody bondages": Is this a typo?
    • Jumping Dead: "How cheering on your team": how about
Miyuki's unique outfits are really neat. Is she the secret 9th heroine?