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It says that this game is for Linux, I go to click on "Install" for the demo and it says;

No compatible downloads were found for 'Creepy Sentence', so it wasn't installed.

Maybe it's not compatible with your platform or with the itch app yet!

Hi Sub Atomic Quark, thanks for your reporting.

There was actually a setup problem in itch for the Linux version of the demo, please try again and let us know how it goes.

I got it to work after marking the binary as executable.

Which was in terminal as:

chmod +x cs_demo.x86

The game works but I got simulator sickness almost immediately when I got off the floor and rotated my character. I shut it down to prevent me from getting any more sick. The Unity 3-D default display and rendering routines are really sluggish which is where the simulator sickness (motion sickness in games) occurs. From what I saw before I felt sick, looks intriguing.

We're sorry for the inconvenience of motion sickness, it is probably also due to "woobing camera" effect.

In the final game it will be possible disable this effect, however, we will take your feedback into account.

Thanks for the update, that could very well be what it is.