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Today was pickups / upgrades:

The first pickup is a medkit, it heals the player and is not picked up if the player is at full health.

The next too are permanent upgrades (one max hp, one max ap).

The last one is a weapon upgrade (this switches the weapon graphic for all player animations & increases damage right now).

Plans for tomorrow:

1) change the upgrade animations to be multiple small arrows (kind of like the heal animation) - that looks cooler.

2) Implement line of sight aggro, aliens that engage in combat through walls aren't fun (it interrupts the free movement.. and then they never reach the player)

3) weapon range (right now range is about 1 and a half screens) + indicator (and inability to shoot) if something is out of range

4) weapon upgrades -> damage, range (I am thinking base damage = 3, base range = 4 - and then the upgrade will increase by 1) - I want a unique weapon for each level.. (maybe via colors, let's see)

5) aliens have to be balanced to the new weapon levels (and AP / HP upgrades)