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Following the progress since IGG.. just bought from here a couple of days ago.^^

On completion of ~ 90%, Beautiful game, very non-linear & intriguing story. Personal favorite Marco's route, of course. ;p

Only request is to increase the full screen CGs on triggering events, something to consider on your next project perhaps? ^^

Clue start was a good addition, perhaps also a way to view the ending gallery from within the game, without exiting to the main menu would be appreciated.

Worthwhile purchase & congrats on successful project!

Hello and thank you for the comment! We're very happy to hear that you've enjoyed the game! :)

We're aware that there aren't many CGs in the game, but we did the best we could with them (considering the budget for this game was very tiny and we didn't manage to hit our stretch goal for them.) If our next projects turn out to be more successful then naturally this will be something we'll keep in mind. :)

Again, thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts with us!