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Good day everyone! Thank you, Caz, for such a beautiful set of icons!

I'm a little bit confused with the Terms of Use. Because it says icons free to use with credit, but then later "forbid" commercial use and "force" to buy another packs.

Since I don't want to have any problems with the author, I want to ask for clarification:

All the icons in this "MV Icons Complete Sheet - Free" are free to use when developing commercial games in RPG Maker MZ (I own MV too) with credit given to the author, or do I need to pay somewhere to get the legal rights for it???

Also, is it okay to edit/recolor few icons to suit my game's needs?

Thank you for attention! With best regards.


The terms further down are only specific to the "RPG MakerMV/MZ RTP Replacement" pack. 

Everything in the "Complete Free Collection" here is all good for use in both non-commercial AND commercial games without purchasing any licenses. You're also free to edit them! :D