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I don't think I've heard of the phrase "coyote time" but I think I've encountered it before. Often enough to mess me up on games that don't use it. I guess that would explain the one time I did make it. I thought I was seeing things since I swear I was falling and THEN jumped over.

Thanks for sharing the game with us!

Edit: Yeah, that's definitely what I saw. I tried again and managed the first jump maybe 25-30% of the time but never twice in a row to make the second one.

I'm just guessing, but are you just tapping the spacebar? If you hold the button you get way more height on the jump.

Well... OK, now I feel a bit dumb. Lemme try it again.

lol its ok, i'll make some clarifications in the control descriptions

Never mind, apparently I just can't make the timing? I tried again and it seems I hold down jump until I land/fail.

aw, ok then, i'll have to check it out a bit more then

It's very likely just me (since I kept getting very close) because I simply can't do fast and precise at the same time consistently. I would almost guarantee that a frame-by-frame would show that I'm pressing the key very inconsistently with regards to timing.

In all seriousness, I would say to wait and see if you get any complaints.

Coyote time was really hard for me, too. I feel like the timing is a bit too strict

I feel coyote timing should take it from Nintendo Hard (technically possible) down to Normal People Hard (realistically possible) but it's the author's project...