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Hello. I can't start the application. After trying to run laigter.exe, I receive a message about a missing file: libopencv_imgproc320.dll. Where can I download it?

oh,thats strange.. it should be included... what version you tired? portable or installer? Can you check it's not present in laigtr's directory? I'll try to upload a fixed version today.. Sorry 

Thank you for the quick reply. I tried both versions. I also tried to install through the Itch application. In each case the same error. I can't see this file in any of the folders.

ok,surely I made a mistake when packaging... my notebook broke so I borrowed one and I made all the environment  in a rush... I'll upload a fixed version today.. sorry

OK, Thanks! :)

Could you try with the installer version now? The portable version is uploading in this moments, and my internet connection really sucks.

Hello. I did not install the installer version. Windows Defender warned me about the threat.The application starts correctly on portable version.  Thanks :)

hey random here. installer version didnt work yesterday for me, can confirm it works now :)

thanks for the feedback!

That windows defender system is lying.. my took is no a threat!