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My dude this is incredible, I found you through Dan and Phil's playthrough and I've never been a horror person but I love love love this game, and what I've seen of your other work! I was going to say I especially love the soundtrack (intensely haunting *and* intensely catchy, goddamn), but actually I don't think it would be fair to single out any aspect of the game when it's ALL Extremely Juicy

Really want to play it myself but sadly my current laptop has been overdue a replacement for about 3 years and it was never exactly a gaming laptop to start with lol, so it's not letting me </3  Are there any particular specs I should be looking for in the new laptop to run GGA/your other games? (Please excuse my lack of gaming/computing knowledge lmao)

Thank you!!

I'm not as up to date as i used to be with computer specs, but I developed this game on a rtx 2060. that card is a little older now tho i think a rtx 4060 or a rtx 3060 would be more modern.

thanks! will deffo take a gander at those