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glad you enjoyed it!

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thank you! i skimmed through the video, saw minor bugs in there to fix as well!

thank you!

what kind of code? My code is a little bit of a mess.

oh man sorry to hear that it bugged out like that... i'll look into it! thank you 🙏

oh you press e to interact with stuff when you see the spinny thing!

thank you!

love this kinda stuff! could i get a link?

are you on the itchio client?

thank you so much for the write up! and nice job on the speedrun, that's about my time as well!

i have a newer mac, and i experienced texture issues and not good performance issues with a mac export. i think it's because i'm on the godot beta 5 i think? 

regardless it was barely functional on mac, but if godot fixes it i will for sure export it to mac! my other thought is that it's an amd card issue.

thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

there is the wall jump you can use if you are just short of a ledge! and the wall bounce ability is good too. every level is beatable no matter the tools.

i put out a quick patch to address your icon concern and also the 2nd level brightness issue! (i just got used to how bright it was i guess)

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oh and i just found out the linux build didn't export a scene that was critical, so it should be fixed now! there's a new download.

thank you!

hello! not sure why that's happening, but try using alt enter to fullscreen the application! alt enter should also undo it as well.

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yeah! the button next to the sign is a respawn for the ball. i hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

the ball is the most innovative game mechanic in video game history only parallelled by the fast drop button in tetris

yoo thank you! glad it works on linux. and i will take a peep at the wizard only social media 👀

just so you know, the mac version doesn't work.

thank you!

i love this

nice nice

thank you nak!