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You are The Last Noita, hailing from a long legacy of powerful witches, and it is your duty to help those who would seek your aid. 

This is an extremely open-ended game that gives you only vague prompts to answer for each round. Each round you decide if you will Aid or Explore and draw 2 tarot cards to determine who comes to see you or where you go. 

Major Arcana cards have a prompt associated with them, such as a scholar who needs research help or a ruined library, but all the minor cards are extremely vague with only one or two words to guide you. 

The game is also open ended, meaning you can stop at any time you feel the story is complete. There are no special conditions you need to meet to end the game. You could answer only a few cards, or you could even go through the entire deck. 

The game also offers additional rules if you want to add risk into the game. These rules allow you to fail at helping people. For my playthrough I chose to just stick with the simple rules and resolve 10 rounds. 

I played as the last Witch in an old cabin as the world was on the brink of collapsing as she and everyone tried to keep on carrying on even though they knew everything was about to end. 

You can find my playthrough HERE