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I spend an hour in the end of this game trying to figure out what to do. Turns out, i broke the game in the end.

I threw the chair into the mirror and it turned into a default unreal engine untextured thing. I couldn't beat the game because of that. 

The music sounded out of tempo which made this game really unnerving. That's a plus. It sounds like a midi made by a kid which makes it more unnerving.

Puzzles were simple and the biggest problem was that the game lagged at the lowest settings. Please add lower graphic options for players with bad computers.

I still don't understand the meaning of this game, like a plot twist or something. For me, the plot twist was that everything is an inescapable dream.

Still, i didn't feel like i was in an asylum while playing this game.

For a game jam, awesome. I would recommend you try to develop this game a little bit more.

Very impressive for a game jam prototype.


Thank you for playing and for the awesome feedback :D

After breaking the mirror you were supposed to get put back to the main menu. For some reason sometimes the game just hangs.

And the lag was caused mainly by how the mirrors work.

But it was our first UE game so we didn't ever expect that it will do that great ^^

Thanks again for your feedback and we hope to bring you even better games in the future ;)

Ok, i followed you and i will try to play your next games. I don't think i will get disappointed :D


Thank you very much :D