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that's really strange, if the exe is inside the data folder, try moving it outside that folder and then launching it, make sure they are in the same parent folder.
If its already like that, you can try renaming the folder to Data, or from what I've read sometimes a restart can fix it.

And if none of this works I'll rebuild the exe and upload a new copy, though I'm not sure why the data folder would be corrupted.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this for me. You got it in one! Moving the exe outside the file did the trick. I was literally just about to shuffle off to bed when I saw the notification about your reply, so I just tried the fix, started it up, went "Yay!", and shut it back down again. ;) At least I've got it to look forward to tomorrow. Thanks again and have a great 2017!

I should add that instruction to the game's description, glad I could help! :)