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I am loving this. It's just so nice to get these random messages from time to time. I've been keeping a list of which "stations" I've picked up so far (I've had one station twice in 3 days). I wish we could reach out to each other, even if just to be able to send an indication of "message received". 

Radio Seeker signing off.

Wow. That was amazingly moving. Thank you. <3

Thank you, Clyde. That got me "in".

I have yet to get any movement. I've tried Chrome, Firefox and IE but it doesn't "kick off".

I enjoyed The Nightmare of a City, so I was looking forward to this one. :(

~ walkingwoman

Ahh. I wondered why itch let me install it, so I checked the listing and it seems to be "flagged" as Windows: screenshot :/

Uh oh. Got this error on launch:

An error occured while launching Spring Project 2

Its last words were: game.install.could_not_launch (game.install.no_executables_found)

Yay! That did it. :) Thank you.

Nice atmosphere. I like the locational "crow" sfx. I did manage to accidentally walk off the end of the world at one point, though, LOL! I'll go back and explore some more, and be more careful this time. ;)


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The music is nice, but when we (my friend has downloaded it, too - both Windows 10) hit Play we both end up back on this page. Fixable? :)

edit: Ok, I tried it "outside" of itch, and yeah, it just shuts down.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this for me. You got it in one! Moving the exe outside the file did the trick. I was literally just about to shuffle off to bed when I saw the notification about your reply, so I just tried the fix, started it up, went "Yay!", and shut it back down again. ;) At least I've got it to look forward to tomorrow. Thanks again and have a great 2017!

Houston, we have a problem. Failed to launch, error message: "There should be 'LD37-RGBY_Data' folder next to the executable". I uninstalled/reinstalled, but it didn't help. :/ (Windows 10)

I like it! Make it longer, please. :)


Umm... Hi. Sorry to bother you, but, uh, could we try loading that again maybe? It looked like it had potential. Crappy machine, I know. But... And yeah, about the ball. I appreciate the thought but when you said it might explode I just steered clear of it. Sorry about that. Thanks for creating such a fantastic, maybe, game. :thumbup:

Brilliant! I managed to get to the end (despite a very laggy cable car section) and I would certainly play it again. So yeah, a good one. Would love to see it "finished". :)

Wow! Just... wow. <3