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Is the christmas goblin part of this set, or the first monster of the christmas set? Im not sure if Im supposed to expect the christmas set to be normal monsters dressed in christmas gear like this character, or if theyll be more traditionally christmas monsters.  (Reindeer, elves, santa, krampus and the like)

In either case, awesome job! Ive really appreciated the set and look forward to seeing the christmas ones. :)

Hi, it is more or less both. I made it part of this set as the final update, but at the same time, it will be a teaser of what is to be expected from the next one. The Christmas Monster Pack will include some creatures that are directly related to Christmas (e.g. evil santa) but also consist of new interpretations for some fantasy creatures in a Christmas setting. At least this is my plan ;)

Thanks, I appreciate it! I'll probably through him into this set then as the one guy in town who's always celebrating Christmas too early lol.

Thanks a ton for the sprites, made my Halloween experience this year a lot more fun. Looking forward to seeing what else you make!

Happy Halloween!