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Man that was difficult, I did manage to beat it though. I suspect a lot of players will not get past the first spider or the spiders combined with 'falling things'-obstacle.

Also, those blocks that turn on/off when you jump were confusing. At first I thought that they changed based on time intervals.

The obstacle that slowly disappears and reappears was pretty neat. It made for an interesting level, in which you needed to influence the level to get those projectiles across.

I think the sliding enemies on the ground are probably the weakest element I came up with. I'm glad you were able to get through the game!

I appreciate the feedback about the toggling platforms. I tried to design the level in such a way that players knew how the platforms worked before they had to jump over bottomless pits involving them. I wanted to avoid a patronizing tutorial or dialogue box that tells you how it works. Again, I'm glad you eventually figured out how it worked!

Thanks for all of your constructive feedback! I appreciate it!