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I love the concept, design, music.

Shortcomings: Once you run out of batteries, there's LITERALLY nothing you can do. You just restart or wait to get blown up. Not very fun.

Asteroids seem completely random. Sometimes I just get taken out by one and I had no way of knowing if it was coming or not. It would be great to have a radar or something so you could have some idea of where you were going. As it is, getting taken out is just bad RNG, and that's not fun either.

Finally, if you happen to jump in a direction with no gravity wells, you're done, game over. Like with running out of batteries, there's literally nothing you can do. Players should be able to have a back-up option, even if it isn't as good as moving the normal way.

Thanks for making this.

Thanks for your feedback!

Those are all known problems that we couldn't avoid in only 48h. Hopefully after the jam votes are over we will be able to fix all of that and give an even better experience ;)