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I completed the game, but it seems to just be a demo, or at least that is what it says.   Am I now waiting for an update?  I want to play more.

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Hello, aoeshiki. Thank you for your feedback and patience. I've noticed that I made a mistake and I haven’t uploaded Yuki's Tale's last version. I made a new post showing some updates, and now you can download the version 1.02 (the complete one). Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy my new game named Agent Lovesdick. Cheers, Victoria.

ps: you can try to move your 'old save file' to this new version of the game, but I'm not sure if it will work.

It needs updating on Nutaku as well.  ^_^  Love the game!  I wont mind starting over for the fun!

I sent an email to Nutaku update it. <3