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Thank you for the feedback.  I completely understand that especially considering this first build and only the higher tiers can play it. In any case, on April 30th our $10 supporters will be able to play it and after that, in all months they will have a new build. In addition to that, we have also a plan to have a game fully voice-over and to release exclusive sex scenes and special events for Patreon supporters, so there are a lot of things people will be able to enjoy soon. My team and I will be glad if you consider supporting this project later!

We don't have any plans for that now because the project is still in early development. You can get more pieces of information on the link <>. A few minutes ago, I launched the first demo for our Patreon supporters  (Sexual Wizard tier or higher).


Alpha Brotherhood

Thanks <3

Yes, probably in Q3.

Actually, it is. We've been working on a HUGE surprise for you guys so we've decided to launch this version a bit shorter until we finish what we are working on.

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to MAC.

Thank you! Hope u enjoy his route as much as we did while we were making it.

2nd semester but tomorrow our Patreon supporters (tier Student Leader) will be able to play a developer build with the whole game.

I don't think so.

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Thank you for your feedback, Tom. Our first demo had the Android version but due to the low amount of downloads we decided to stop working with it and we forgot to remove this option. I'm sorry for this mistake. You can send an email to telling me a game you want to play it. I'll send you a Steam key to it.  Also, feel free to refund Villain Project if you want to. Again, I'm sorry for this mistake.


Since you start the game until you return to your dorm and picture someone to have sex with you will be in the common route. After you reach it, Rob's option needs to be visible so that you can choose it.

Part of Rob's route is available. In the scene where you need to choose between Hermes, Rob, or Drake, the Rob option should be visible to you. Is it for you? If it is not, you are not making the right choices.


its launching date isn't defined yet but it will probably happen this year.

Unfortunately, this is the final version.

Yes, I think most of them he is top.


We really appreciate that. Thank you so much for supporting us!

<3 We love him too!

Unleashed Beast is the most difficult one - you need to have unlocked previously all other non-Bad Endings in order to get it and then proceed normally to Solo Ending. The Bird Food one is available on Grivoth's route. Do you mind joining Discord so that I can tell you the answers, please?

For now, we don't have any plans to make another furry project but Furry Heroes was created focusing on being a huge universe, so maybe in the future we have a new game focusing on the hippo (Thomas is his name!)

Today we'll release half of Drake's route for our Patreon supporters. A public demo hasn't been scheduled yet but you can follow us to be notified about it!

Yes, the console versions need to be censored - unfortunately. =(

I believe the game doesn't have this feature.

Thank you for your report. I believe this is something from the Steam version. Could you test if now it's working, please? I've uploaded a new build with the same name/number.

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans for an Android version.

Glad to hear that and I can tell you that Drake's route is my favorite one! Ha ha! Renders are available on Patreon for lower tiers.



Thank you so much for your feedback and I'm sorry for if for the mistake. Also, I've corrected it and now Sexual Wizards ($15 tier) can play the build too.

Unfortunately it seems China ban games on Steam marked as Adult Only. Do you know anything about that?

Ciras uses he, thank you for the feedback.

Yuhua! Glad it has worked! Thank you for letting me know.

That's weird. I hope you can fix it and I'll be glad if you can back here to tell us what are your impressions of the game.

So, considering your feedback is the first one about this topic, I assume it is a graphics problem. Have you updated your graphics drivers?

Can you download one of our other games like My Incubi Harem or Wand Out, please? They use the same tech we used on Burning Secrets.

That's weird. Are you trying to play it on Windows?

Ha ha ha! Thanks!