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I get it! But we'll start to discuss our first action 3D game soon, so... Stay tuned! =]

Thank you! We are working on our first novel now, but we are also super excited to create a new project like Boyfriend's!

Good job!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We really appreciate that. The full version will be launched next month, we hope you enjoy it too!

Probably not. Our team doesn't have a MacBook to export the game for Mac users.

We're glad that you like it! Thank you so much for playing the game. When we launch the game, we'll be happy to send you a key. We really appreciate your support!

<3 thank you for letting me know!

I've uploaded a new version (v1.1.1b). Could you test it? Thank you, again, for your report!

OMG, thank you for your report! Probably I was testing the new battle system and forget to change Yuki's tier. I'll upload a new build asap!

I'll make a post asap, but check it out:

New main menu, new sprites for ALL monsters, small changes for the gameplay:

  • (New monster): the Wild Chicken was replaced by Venus Flytrap, a carnivorous plant which has an original art. Both have the same difficulty, but the “Double Attack” skill name has been changed to “Double Bite”.
  • (New potion) Poison Protection - Protects the user against Poison for 20 turns - along one or multiple battles. Also, removes Poison. It’s a special item to be crafted and it will be unlocked when Alberto arrives at Trison Forest.
  • Visual updates: Cuzga Cave and Trison Cave have received small decorative mushrooms which emit light and particles.

Thank you for letting me know.

Thx for your report. I've uploaded a new version. Could you check if it's working?

I've uploaded a new version which has some adjustments.

Could you join Discord or send an email to so that I can check your purchase email?

WHAT?! I'll check what is going on. Thanks for your report

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Hello, EnriqueM30.  I can give you some tips about how to win Mr. Trumpson's battle. Check them out:

Mr. Trumpson's battle will end when his HP goes less than 50%. Probably Lovesdick will die because of Mr. Trumpson's skills. You need to focus on keeping Scarlet alive because he has the most powerful area skills (try to alternate between Tower of Babel and Meditation Lvl 2 to avoid running out of mana. Also, always have more than 250 MP because opponents have mana drain) and use Lynx to support the team by using his Ultimate Healing skill. If the fight goes bad, use the Miracle Potion obtained on Gleen's Side Quest. After this battle, some cut scenes will come up before the game ends. Watch all of them because you'll get a surprise that I'm preparing!

I hope they help you. If you need extra help, you can join Discord so that I can help you based on your level and skills.

hahaahah! Me parece que está dando esse bug mesmo, não é questão de ter mudado as dimensões do jogo não. Estou olhando para corrigir na próxima versão que lançaremos!


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Hello, padawan. German players are reporting to us that some laws in your country changed and now our games are marked as pornography, so they are being blocked. However, we'll launch a general version on Steam and a patch to unlock the adult content. Stay tuned.

I'll check what is going on. Thank you for your report!


free for commercial use?

It's because in the final version I did some optimization. Many files in the demo version are unnecessary, that's why it got big.


Yes! You can join Discord and/or support our Patreon

Hahaha! Thank you, I'm glad that you like it.

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Hahaha. Thank you for the feedback, it's my first novel, so I chose to err on the side of writing too much, rather than writing too little. Anyway, I'll remove some lines that aren't adding so much to the narrative. I hope you enjoy the other route too!

Tommy, we've uploaded a new build. Typos were already removed and new scenes were added replacing the placeholders.

we've uploaded a new build and all placeholders were removed. I'm sure you'll like the new shadows, HAHAHA :p

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Hello, Tommy. I really appreciate your feedback and I'll try to work on it since I'm using a Unity template and I'm still learning how to work on this new engine. Regarding the translation, one member of our Discord helped us and a new version will be released this week with all placeholders removed and English typos solved! I hope you enjoy this new build.

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Regarding your point about characters' stories, they all have their owns stories or are part of our previous games - except Paul, our transgender guy, and Male Doller, our mascot.

OMG! Your video shows me a huuuge bug, thank you for playing the game! Also, I really enjoy your videos, you're SO SWEETIE!

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What's your problem? Does the game open and close on its own or are you still unable to open the downloaded file? Have you tried to use Winrar to open the RAR file?

OMG! Have you checked your antivirus? Maybe it's closing the game to do a scan.

Thank you for the feedback, Inekoto. I've updated the game page with how many points you need to get to unlock the stars. Since the game was launched on Steam with achievements, we forgot to put this info on the Itch version. Merry Xmas!

The Android version is now available. Thank you for your patience.

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:O! So weird! Anyway, can you join Discord or send an email to I'll send you mine.

I'm trying to fix some bugs and tomorrow it will available.

OMG, YOU ARE SO SWEET! I love your video and I’ve already saved your form to send you the launching version when it's ready. Also, our artist was SUPER HAPPY with your compliments. Hardly anyone notices the characters' shadows and lighting, he thought it was great! Thank you so much for making the video, I’ve already subscribed to your channel!