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The running animation + movement is amazing, and it feels SO good to go through all those wall and watch them break quickly! The music is also great and the one-color at a time concept is interesting. However, I did think every obstacle I ran into was something like "if X obstacle, then press Y color when ready". I would have liked to see more challenging setups that made me really think what to do. Oh, and I also felt super bad when, say, I smashed through 10 walls in a row with my green color only to jump into the next platform and get killed by a moose before even being able to switch to gray. Why would you want me to run fast before jumping into a moose platform? 

If you address these design issues and get rid of the bugs + do some more very cool stuff integrating the elements you have to work as puzzles and slowly building their complexity through the game, I feel this would be a great experience. Definitely let me know if you polish this game!

Thanks for sharing & for playing my game! Rated!