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Hi Deftware, 

My intention is to create high resolution images that will measure between 1 x 1 inches to no more than 6 x 6 inches.  The images will be 3D and also 2D and some if possible like Matthew Brand type of images. I am looking forward to creating really nice and well defined images. Today I am buying the Holocraft program, do I also need the Pixel CNC program?

Thank you for your support! PixelCNC is useful for conventional routing/milling/engraving/signmaking/art but is not needed for making specular holograms using Holocraft.  Holocraft only outputs basic Mach3 type G-code, otherwise you can directly output SVG of your specular hologram optics and generate G-code from that yourself using a different CAM type program (PixelCNC currently doesn't convert SVG paths into toolpath G-code). Using the built-in G-code generator in Holocraft is the most convenient if you're able to use its output with your machine, however. When exporting G-code set your tool diameter very small ~0.002, and set depth-per-pass at any number higher than that ( tool diameter is what determines how deep the optics are, which you can see as "Groove Depth" on the bottom left of the G-code export dialog ). Inches Scale determines the size of your hologram, specifically the black square area around your optics in the 3D view.  Safety Z is how high the cutter will retract from the Z0. surface to move to the next optic to be scored. Origin at center outputs G-code that assumes you've zeroed out your CNC machine in the absolute center of your hologram material/workpiece, otherwise it will output G-code that assumes the front-left corner of your material is the XYZ origin (i.e. coordinate 0,0,0) I'd suggest outputting circular arcs instead of linear segments, it will be much smoother and more compact, though you may want to also reduce the precision value on the top-right a bit to adjust how many arcs are output per optic. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!